Bohurupi By Abhishek Roy


Bohurupi is the personal label of designer Abhishek Roy from the City of Joy – Kolkata. The brand is little over a year old, it started gaining popularity from early 2015 and has been on a roll yet. The significance of the name is, the designer believes that it’s his duty to create guises with his hands. Bohurupi literally means a person of many faces. In rural areas of Bengal, there are performers who dress up as various animals, mythological creatures, Gods and Goddesses and so on, and that’s where the designer found the inspiration for the name of the brand. The fabrics are all organic, cotton, jute and malmal, fabrics that are extracted from natural resources. The designer uses natural fabrics purposely, firstly because it blends with the feel and the theme of the collection, and secondly because there is a certain personal affinity for natural fabrics too.